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About Lynn's

In order to learn about the corporation of Lynn’s Quality Oysters, Inc., you must first learn of its history & family based origins. 

A Little ‘bout Lynn

Lynn C. Martina is a born & raised native of Franklin County, Florida.  She has lived in Eastpoint all of her life. Lynn has been married to her high school sweetheart, Greg Martina for 30 years.  They have 2 children, Kayla Barron (married to Greg Barron of Panama City, FL) & Brandon Martina (married to former Whitney Heyser of Apalachicola, FL), and three grandchild, Ally, Madison, & Brady. 

The Past

Lynn’s Quality Oysters, Inc. opened in 1997.  The business was purchased from her parents, Sherrill & John (Tiny) Carroll which was then named Braxton & Carroll Seafood, Inc.  Sherrill & Tiny were venture capitalists of the seafood industry established in 1971.  Naturally, the seafood trade had always been familiar territory for Sherrill since her own parents, Leroy & Toy Shiver were also industrialists.  During the early 1950’s, Leroy had endured with his own company along the thriving shores of Eastpoint while supporting his wife & 7 children.    

Working Roots

Lynn had worked in her parents’ oyster house since she was a little girl of only 9 years old.  She would get off the school bus right here on Highway 98 and would climb up in one of the stalls and shuck oysters until it was time to go home.  This would be her daily routine and yet, as she got older she had also learned to prepare dinner with her brothers while her parents were still at work. Growing up you had to learn to work hard for what you get and hard working is what we’re known for. Lynn’s Quality Oysters, throughout its domestic history, has always been a family oriented business. 

The Present

Today, Lynn’s Quality Oysters has solid dependable workers consisting of friends & family alike.  Most of our employees, whom we have known for all of our lives, work hand in hand & side by side.  We are a family company.  Our oysters are delivered all along the Gulf Coast and across Florida.  We will also ship your oysters to you whether you’re in state or out-of-state by overnight or next day shipping. Meet our family & learn about the process & procedures of transporting oysters from our house to yours. 

The Process

The process begins with our oyster harvesters whose day begins at daybreak.  The men & even some women go out on their boats into the Apalachicola bay and work the beds that are laden with oysters.  They take their tongs and embed them onto the bay’s bottom floor and pull up the oysters by hauling them up & over onto the boat.  The oysters are then culled by knocking off all of the spats and other sea growth that cultivate on the marine beds.  Culling separates them into legal sized individual oysters and are placed into burlap sacks.  These are the ‘oysters on the half-shell’ that we all know & love.

Once the oyster harvesters stack their oysters onto our loading docks, our housemen store them in our coolers that keep them super fresh and the bushels of oysters are ready to be shipped.  Our fresh shell stocks are now ready for delivery.  Our shucked products take even a little more effort and time.  The men & women who shuck our oysters begin before sunrise.  They work diligently standing in the shucking stalls using their machines to carefully, yet quickly open each oyster and remove them from their shell.  Shucking is an art since it takes being swift and gentle to not cut the delicate meat.  The oysters are shucked into stainless steel gallon buckets & then they are moved into the packing room.

Jeremy and Wade Meet the housemen, Wade, Jeremy, & Marcus. They operate not only our packing room & equipment, but also the house & retail market.  The oysters, once they reach the packing room, are skimmed through and placed into their shipping containers according to our ordered requests.  Our housemen are a great hardworking crew and a style of deckhands.  They inspect the quality of oysters that come in from the boats and keep the shuckers busy with their stalls stocked & ready.  The housemen help keep “our house” & facility functional & in ‘shipshape’.